Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Move Over That Ass is Too... Perfect!

I recently came across an article that hit close to home. It was titled,  "Barbie & the Average 19 Year Old Woman Side by Side," and the differences aren't necessarily new knowledge for me, instead a reminder of the ridiculousness out there regarding the expectations put on women and their bodies. The author is right on when she says, "She [Barbie] is an exaggeration of the model figure we are already told to look like on a daily basis." As a society, I feel, we have been working on having a healthy body image for women, but I can tell you first hand, we still have a long way to go. 

I worked at a boutique and currently go to a local Crossfit Gym and something that has been very prevelent in both environments is how constant it is to hear women speak of themselves in a negative, sad, angry, and critical way when it comes to their body. I am guilty of this as well. At the boutique when a woman decided to come out of her dressing room, she always looked amazing, but would instead say something negative, "Oh I need a tan," or "My legs are just not in shape enough," and my heart would  break, because if only they could see what I always saw, and that was a gorgeous woman looking great in a dress, jeans, skirt, whatever, then she would rock whatever she was wearing with confidence all of the time. I have to add, it's the women that seem to have such a bright shiny light on the inside that seem to be the worst, those are the women whose beauty is endless because of their soul, yet they forget to see that in themselves and instead see the body as 'not enough.'

I could also relate as I am the same way with myself.  For instance, I used to love wearing shorts and skirts, because I knew my strong muscular legs were a good feature to show off and it wasn't uncommon for people to comment on my legs, however I have now done a 180 and really never like to wear anything showing my legs, as I have seen my weight fluctuate through the years, and though I appreciate how strong my legs are, they don't look physically how I feel they should,  so I hide them, ashamed of what they have become. Though, I am working on trying to remember to appreciate them for what they are, I can almost squat 200# afterall, which may or may not be a lot to you, but it is to me and I am proud of that. I have to remember how far they have carried me through my life instead of the imperfections I see... I'm always striving to change my thinking about my body, and you should too, every single day!

But, why do we women put these crazy expectations on ourselves? Instead of embracing change due to all we have accomplished and endured in our lives, we ridicule the tiny mis-perceived imperfections and, in turn, it holds us back. It holds us back from seeing and appreciating our real beauty and passing that on to, not only our children, but other women around us. It holds us back from living our full potential because if you're always caught up in 'what could be better' then how can you really enjoy where you are and move forward from there? I think if you're working to be healthy, eating clean, working out, taking care of yourself with proper sleep, hydration, meditation, and nurturing your soul then that is what should be applauded first and foremost. As well as being a good person, of course. Then, when body image goals are or aren't reached, we can still applaud ourselves for getting up every day and doing what isn't easy, but well worth it for more reasons than just a nice body naked. It's about working to better yourself in every arena of your life, including the way we treat people, treat the earth, our animals (yes, insects included, lol), and so on.. not just about improving our body... for what some may argue is the ego, but that is a personal issue to be defined. 

I am an avid Instagrammer, good or bad, it is an amazing tool and has expanded my knowledge of so many things in such a short amount of time. I am a huge fan of everyone I follow, because they make me better, smarter, 'awake-er', happier, critical thinker-er, lol, etc.. Onto my point, Please read the following... my focus not being about DMT, though that would make for a killer blog topic as well, but instead focusing on the last 3 sentences... enjoy!

Wow, right?! YOUR BODY LOVES YOU!! How great does that love feel?? Just stop and feel the love from your body. How amazingly kind to inherit such a great machine when we 'leave' the soul realm to enter our earthly bodies. Sounds corny, but I could seriously cry when I think of this love. It's so true that our bodies have been there since the beginning of our time and they are our best friend, our biggest fan, and it isn't healthy to talk about our body as if it just an inanimate extension of ourselves, because it isn't!! I mean, cognitively we know this, but we forget to feel this on a day to day, moment to moment, basis. Maybe we should start, wait no, we should absolutely start being aware of our bodies in this manner. We are not our thoughts (though our thought vibrations do create our lives) nor our bodies, we are beings, living now, and that is the only 'time' that matters, but our minds and bodies work with our soul as a trio... and our bodies are so precious and do so much for us, so let's instead start finding gratitude for that, and not disgust in our cellulite, bulges, pimples, too big or too small thighs, arms, forehead, or asses. Never stop seeking greatness, yet also honor that which you are, because you are so much more than you're giving yourself credit for.. so much more. 

Let's violently abandon the expectations and messages we feel are put on us from society, hollywood, etc, and begin to reign in the amazing light that we truly are and appreciate our beautiful bodies that never fail us, no matter how hard we are on them with negative talk, poor diet, lack of or excessive exercise. Is it going to be easy? Well, it depends on you becoming aware of your daily talk to yourself and the things you say out loud. Just start paying attention to your thoughts and self talk, because as we become aware we learn and therefore figure out what and how to change. As you become aware of your thought habits, begin changing them by instantly replacing something negative thought or said with something very positive.  It can be done, but as with any sort of conditioning, it takes time, patience, and love....lots of love. 

MUCHO AMOR my readers... 

P.S. Don't forget...You're beyond Beautiful! 

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Julie said...

I wish I could say I'm not guilty of constantly judging my body, but I would be lying. The mental image of myself wearing shorts makes me cringe. Awesome post!