Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just say no to disease and drive thru's and choose to make it yourself!

I'm sure most of you have, by now, heard the term Paleo. Well, if you haven't it's also known as the 'Caveman Diet' because it's all about only consuming what a caveman could, which isn't processed and packaged food, wheat, grains, dairy, etc.

Whole 30 is a somewhat similar diet though it's more strict and extremely unforgiving. I took the Whole 30 challenge in January and completed it successfully and was surprised at how much I had changed. Sadly, not my weight so much - but that was due to some over nutty consumption - but my skin looked healther and let's just say parts of my life became more regular than they had ever, and I mean ever, been. I loved cleansing myself of everything but whole, clean food. Since then I've strived to eat that way, granted I'm not following Whole 30 but I do my best to eat extremly clean. I haven't reintroduced dairy into my diet at all, I no longer chew gum, nor consume grains, sugars, and only sweetners of the Stevia kind once in a while. The things I've eliminated don't even taste the same to me anymore. I did try a sip of Matt's soda a while back and something he had butter on, and I have zero desire for those things because they just don't taste good to me anymore. Needless to say, long gone are the days when I thought Lean Cuisine's and Fiber One bars were good and healthy for me. Nothing against Lean Cuisine, but nothing can replace what good old Mother Nature you offers you!

I'm not here to push you into either of these diets, only to share with you what they are and how they, especially Whole 30, benefitted me.. OH and share a recipe... or 5 along the way.

Matt and I were blessed enough to have the opportunity to buy a quarter of a grass fed, hormone free, steriod free, good ol' fashion cow through some great friends of his. Paleo is very meat based, and something I struggle with at times because I'm not a believer that you need animal protein with every meal, so I'm still finding that balance. However, if I'm going to consume animal protein it's going to be the cleanest that I find - and afford of course - but there is that saying going around about how expensive organics is, "Well have you priced Cancer lately?" I'm close to whatever that quote is, and you know it, buuut it's true! It's hard to part with that extra $2-$3 when I'm buying cauliflower, and I don't always do it, but when I can, I do, beacuse there is no better place to put my money than into appreciating and taking care of this Earthly body we were so generously given.

I digress...

What is one to do with their first batch of clean ground beef? Make burgers of course!

These aren't just any burgers, they're burgers made with a special seasoning called love. These burgers we're topped with grilled onions and mushrooms, avocado, organic mustard, only to be graced upon home made grain free buns, with sweet potato and rutabaga fries as its side kick.

I can't even begin to describe how amazing these burgers were! Seriously! Matt and I are huge Five Guys fans, but they had nothing on these babies! There was a slight sweetness to the bun that complimented the burger and its fixins so well that I'm sort of considering staying up til midnight just to make some more.  I highly suggest the next time you grill you take the extra time and add some love to your burger babies!

Perfectly concocted buns that may look thin but surely aren't in taste!
 Recipe below.

Buy a sweet potato and a rutabaga, peel rutabaga, slice both rutabaga and
sweet potato into fries, toss in EVOO, or healthy oil of your choice, salt and pepper them,
 spread on parchment paper and bake at 325 for about 30 minutes or until desired
 french fry like consistency occurs.

Look at that beautiful clean meat topped with our lovely additions of
grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, avocado, tomato, and jalapeno for my hotty husbo!

My babies enjoying this great meal, please ignore the bottle to the left
as I do not condone such C words, in fact, husbo is now trying to quit the
 soda, pop, what have you.  3 cheers for him! Oh but don't ignore
 our newly planted garden!!

Super amazing bun recipe that you could really adapt for any sort of things you may want or need 'bread' with! Thanks to Ditch the Wheat and my own little tweaks I am excited for you all to whip out your bowls and mixers and create some healthy goodness in your kitchens!

1 1/2 C Almond Flour
2 Egg
1 tsp Honey - I may have added a little more as I don't like the constraints of measuring spoons - or cups for that matter
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
8 tsp Water

1. Preheat oven to 350 and prepare baking sheet with parchment paper. This website suggests a donut pan but this lady just improvised and slapped some same sized circles of batter on the sheet, not too thick, and as you can see they turned out like buns!

2. Mix Almond flour, egg yolks, salt, baking soda, and honey. Yes, you actually need to separate your egg whites, it's okay, I believe in you! If a piece of the shell drops just use the larger shell still in your hand to fish it out, works like a charm!

3. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Whatever that means, just know you're going to be beating your egg whites longer than you probably want, but keep calm and cook on, soon enough you'll have those whities looking pretty and it's on to the next step.

4. Fold egg whites into the batter, I sort of folded, sort of stirred, sort of ended up beating it all together, didn't seem to ruin anything. The great thing about the kitchen is it's a safe place to play, it's hard to mess up, and most things can be fixed.

5. Bake for about 10 min or until the circles of goodness look done and goldeny delicious- which shouldn't be longer than 10 minutes unless you made some ufo saucer type circles on your pan.

As for the Hamburger, all I did was mix salt, pepper, garlic, garlic powder, onion salt, italian seasoning, and garlic pepper, uh - I like garlic, made them into some patties and threw them on the grill, easy enough!

This recipe is actually could be Whole 30 approved as long as you don't add any condiments nor use the buns, unless you've ventured to make your own mayo and ketchup! However, the point of this isn't to make you feel you have to eat Whole 30, it's only to show and share how great eating clean truly is in sooo many ways!!


Much Love!


jo crawford said...

Sounds good! I've not made my own rolls and I'm surprised...I need to try this.

I do believe though that if you are doing Whole30 the rolls would not be compliant for a couple of reasons...

We make our burgers almost the same way. Lots of garlic.

FallonElla said...

You are very right Jo, it's not compliant, I corrected my blog... it was a late post.. not sure what I was thinking lol. THANKS!!